The project is organized in three Proofscape repositories, which are open-source, and invite contributions.

The Literature Library#

Hosted at gh.toepproj.lit, this is a collection of Proofscape modules representing proofs from historical mathematical literature.

The library should encompass works by mathematicians like those apt to be listed under the MacTutor biographies. It should cover classic works of historical significance.

In terms of Proofscape concepts, the modules in this library contain only deductions (no annotations). These deductions represent only theorems and proofs from the literature (no expansions).

However, it is appropriate to record comparisons, linking the nodes in this library. These are akin to the editorial footnotes or cross-references often found in collected works.

The Expansions and Examples Library#

Hosted at gh.toepproj.ex, this is a place to provide enrichments. Specifically, this library is for expansions and example explorers.

An expansion is a Proofscape deduction that fills in missing steps, to help readers span the inferential leaps taken in published proofs.

Example explorers are Proofscape annotations that present interactive displays where users can generate numerical examples of the types of objects in play at given steps in proofs.

The English Translations Library#

Hosted at gh.toepproj.en, this is a place for English translations of mathematical papers written in other languages.

Generally speaking, translations of theorems and proofs do not belong here, and should instead be added to the gh.toepproj.lit repo. This is instead a place for translations of the “prose sections” of mathematical papers.